Mountain lion essay

mountain lion essay

badger is portrayed as aggressive and fierce yet he is demure, the first two characteristics are masculine but the badger also seems show more content, repetition is also used, "she will never" this brings home the fact that the mountain lion is dead and. My understanding of nature widened when my aunt, a wildlife specialist, got a call one night about a mountain lion road kill on the Ortega highway and asked me to come along. Like I said on the paper though eyewitness reports will only get you so far which is why I completely understand why there are those who believe they are not in NY anymore. Lawrence tells the reader about the void that has been caused by the absence of the animal that used to live there. Both the poems describe animals that are put through a chase before they are killed. One of the main things I have come to realize is that I have always been interested in nature and the environment. This is done by his usage of striking visual imagery such as, 'brilliant, gloomy and blood-orange'. Living in Laguna gave me an aspect of what nature looked like in an urbanized setting; stunning yet trapped. The impact of the vehicle had left the cougars upper canines exposed and in a defiant, but silent snarl.

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The poet describes the lion's face using contrasting but very emotive descriptions such as 'beautiful dead eyes and 'fine round-fashioned head, with two dead ears' putting emphasis on the word dead by repeating it twice in the same stanza. It's situated on the outskirts of Sequoia National Park - home to the big trees and a wide variety of animals. _OS.8 Mountain Lion rrent. This awakened me to animals vulnerability which put them in a world where their natural habitat is being destroyed by urban growth and building development. Badger has a very busy and fast moving situation the beating rhythm of the poem reflects this, it also shows the pounding beat of the badgers heart as it is running for its life. Even though I think they are in NY I do not believe it is a huge number which could be a reason there has been no documented sightings.

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