Causes of the french revolution essay

causes of the french revolution essay

normal taxation and was under 5 of the clerical income. However, the government had under gone periodic economic crisis, resulting from long wars, royal mismanagement, losses incurred in the French and Indian War (1756-1763) and Seven Years' War (1775-1783) and increased debt arising from loans to the American colonies during the American Revolution (1775-1783). The Palace, Versailles, was built by king Louis XIV and the expenses for building this village was very high, and in later years the cost for its upkeep would play a significant role in Frances financial difficulties. She always enjoyed luxurious and extravagant life. The middle class were anxious to gain some political power, as they currently didn't have any. The Nobility was regarded as the Second Estate in the French Society. The French Revolution of 1789 had many long-range causes. The French Revolution appears to have been the outcome of both long term and short term factors, which arose from the social and political conditions and conflicts of the ancien regime. They paid the taxes like Taille, Tithe and Gable. He realised it later.

Louis XV fought the Seven Years War against England which brought nothing for France. Between August 1788 and Spring 1789, the price of bread rose from 9 sous per loaf to over 14 sous per loaf, an increase of 155. The three main causes of French revolution are as follows:. The Major Causes of the French Revolution The French revolution overthrew the country's ancient monarchy, proclaimed Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and fought off a hostile Europe. The government was corrupt and centralized and the King's authority had been slowly extended over the more. The governmental system had worked reasonably well under Louis XIV but had become impossible under his weak successors.

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