Research paper on phosphate solubilizing bacteria

research paper on phosphate solubilizing bacteria


Building soil phosphorus capital in Africa. Geological Society Special Publication.

research paper on phosphate solubilizing bacteria

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Chien,.H., Menon,.G. Cinétique de dilution isotopique et phosphore assimilable des sols. Mussoorie-phos, a phosphate fertilizer for direct application. Related Journals of Insecticides Plant Pathology Microbiology, Agrotechnology, Advances in Crop Science and Technology, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, Biocontrol Science and Technology, Critical Reviews in Toxicology, Tropical Pest Management, Advancements in Genetic Engineering, Journal of Plant Biochemistry Physiology, Biology and Medicine. The African experience with phosphate rock, including Djebel Onk, and case studies in Brazil and Vietnam. Applications of crop/soil simulation models in tropical agricultural systems. Hammond,.L., Chien,.H., Roy,.H.

Patel RS. Phosphorus requirements and management of oil palm, coconut and rubber. Sign Up with Email. Agroecosys., 63 (1 35-42.

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