In lieu of thesis

in lieu of thesis

Richard, brought a load of didgeridoos over and taught classes in his city, it even got him into the local paper. Write a comic strip and get it published. Learn Taiko and play at the opening of a superstore Quite a popular instrument amongst JETs, get all that tension out by banging a big drum! Hold a pottery exhibition Gunma JET Anitra Donald studies Japanese pottery and has exhibited her work in galleries in Gunma prefecture. Do the English voice over for your towns PR video. ECC the English Challenge Cup. That was great fun and thoroughly recommended if you fancy a career in TV! Write a list of 101 things a JET can do and present it at the Kobe Recontracting Conference. It's also great to show your students how much they have improved over the year. Thousands of JETs (teachers on the Japanese Government's Japan Exchange and Teaching program) all over the country are involved in some amazing projects that really bring about the "grassroots internationalisation" that is part of this programme. I exchanged jobs with the next town's ALT for a week.

in lieu of thesis

Thanks to everyone at the JET conference, you were amazing! The list of 101 activities that JETs had done proved really popular, so here it is complete with as many internet links as we can find! A restored Napoleonic forge transformed into a BnB, tables d'hôtes, gtes and glamping facilities near Carcassonne in Montolieu, Aude; a meeting place for businesses and tourists in a park of 16 hectares with waterfalls, a pond, a river and splendid gardens in southern french wine.

The table is renowned; you can at La Forge, sleep well, eat well, play, read, relax, think, work, learn, garden, observe nature, meet or isolate sharing presentations yourself from the world. Write the school website I decided I wanted to learn how to write a website. Teach an evening eikaiwa class and get Friday afternoons off A lot of town/village ALTs teach adult English classes in the evening. Then use the experience to plan a full on homestay. The teachers really want to learn new techniques and appreciate the time you give so much. As done by Deb Simpson in Hokkaido. At the same time many JETs feel they are under used by their schools or Boards of Educations. Form a theatre group and tour around performing a play in the local dialect. You teach the kids answerphone English and for homework they have to ring up your machine and leave a message!

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in lieu of thesis

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