Essay on summer season in india

essay on summer season in india

is very sunny season. People also go to swimming pool or river to swim. Due to the heat people become easily tired as their bodies sweat continuously. The winter is very good for tours. The summer gives life/birth/rebirth to life around us, plants blossom, animals happily resume activity and nature feels alive again. They can enjoy the pleasures of summer in the winter and those of winter in the summer. We should enjoy within limit and always save water and electricity.

It is very hot season however mostly liked by people. Summer (from March to May During the three months from March to May it is summer in most parts of India. It is the hottest season of the year as temperature reaches at its highest point. The children normal wake up early in morning and go to the playground and play games and after that they play video games, movies and other activities in midday. It falls after the festival of Holi and ends before the start of rainy season. So this period is also called the season of return Monsoon or the Post-monsoon. Weather becomes quite dry in this season however because of high temperature, warm air runs all through the season which is intolerable.

Autumn season (from October to November From the beginning of October, monsoon begins to recede from this country and consequently rainfall becomes frequent. Most people visit picnics, beaches and parks to relax and unwind themselves under clear skies. It is green everywhere.

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They do not know what hardship it is to go out to work in the summer loo or to remain scantily clothed in the winter months. Summer Season Essay 1 (100 words). It is the season which keeps people outdoor for most of the time. Melons, water-melons, cucumber, etc, are the special fruits of the season. Generally, people try to keep indoors and have cold beverages to supplement on liquid being lost from their system through constant perspiration. India is a large country. People living in the rural areas suffer the lack of water, high heat, dryness, etc a lot because of the lack of electricity and other comfortable resources. However, astronomical and other traditions of India divides the twelve calendar month into six seasons, viz, summer, rainy, early autumn, late autumn, winter, and spring. In spite of high heat, people enjoy eating summer season fruits like mangoes, cucumber, jackfruits, lichee, muskmelon, watermelon, etc in abundance. Most of the people enjoy morning walk in the summer season because of its cooling effect. Woolen clothes, suits, pullovers, etc. In the rainy season, they do not have to experience the difficulties and miseries of the poor who live in Kuchcha mud cottages.

essay on summer season in india

But in March the season changes. The sun-rays become hotter day by day and we begin to get perspiration. Rainy season (June to September The rainy season in, india begins generally from the second week of June and continues up to the second week of October. From the second week of June humid monsoon enters various parts. India in the south-west direction from the Bay of Bengal and causes rainfall everywhere in the state.