Essay on education of girls child

essay on education of girls child

of discussion in the recent times now. Supply side and demand side may cause in disadvantages of girls in education. It is rather unfortunate that even in the 21st Century, the female Nigerian child, especially in the northern part of Nigeria, is denied equal access to education and several of them are exposed to harmful traditional practices like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM denial of education. But the matter-and the magnitude for policy to influence girls schooling-is more complicated than differences in the coefficients on schooling in wage functions. Do Not Waste, your Time, sEND, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. The importance of Girls Education in many countries today has reached a star level of success.

Girl Education was never considered necessary in the previous time. Education also broadens the thought of the women, thus it helps in the good upbringing of her children. It also gives her the freedom of thought to decide what best is there for her and the family.

essay on education of girls child

Overcoming Challenges of Girl -Child Education By Kale Abba Education has been variously described, including the analogy that likened education to the description of the elephant by the blind man. This means education can be seen from different perspectives.

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Educators must insight how lifestyle limit the selection and opportunities for boys and girls and observe their demands and varieties. It is possible through education only. Education is very important for every child whether boy or girl. The importance of Girls Education aims at giving girls the power to exercise autonomy over destiny. As many claim, investing in a girls education is investing in a nation. Crease domestic sexual violence : Educated girls and women are less likely to be victims of domestic and sexual violence or to tolerate it in their families. Increased phd thesis fatigue education of girls also leads to more female health care providers to assist with prenatal medical care, labor and delivery, delivery complications and emergencies, and follow-up care. A 2000 study in Brazil found that literate women had an average.5 children while illiterate women had an average of six children, according to unesco.