Sharing presentations

sharing presentations

the emergence of social networks, image sharing has now become a common online activity. Geckoes Wildlife also offer educational training services through a qualified instructor for reptile and other fauna awareness, identification and husbandry, and other wildlife related topics. Furthermore, universal web browser access to shared files makes them more widely accessible and available for use in different ways, such as embedding in, or linking to, from within web pages. Some cameras now come equipped with wireless networking and similar sharing functionality themselves. 1, this function is provided through both websites and applications that facilitate the upload and display of images. "Your Facebook profile photo affects your job prospects, study claims". Flickr has over 40 million geotagged photos uploaded by 400 thousand users, and still growing at a rapid pace. 17 A Ghent University study found that employers commonly search for prosepective employees on Facebook, and may decide whether or not to grant an interview based on the person's profile picture. 6 Peer-to-browser edit A variation on the peer-to-peer model is peer-to-browser, whereby images are shared on one PC with the use of a local (on the host computer) software service (much like peer-to-peer) but made available to the viewer through a standard web browser.

However, there are typically no good thesis starter direct consumer costs beyond the purchase of the initial software, provided the consumer already has a computer with the photos at home on a high speed connection. You don't have to email PowerPoint files or worry about your students getting the presentation on time. For example, in Great Britain, 70 of online users engaged in image sharing in 2013; 64 of British users shared their photos through a social network. Transform your favorite photos into prints, wall art, home d├ęcor, photo gifts more! Peer-to-browser sharing has (similar to peer-to-peer) reduced hosting costs, no loss of control to a central service, and no waiting for files to upload to the central service.