Equality and diversity ptlls essay

equality and diversity ptlls essay

hair colour, gender etc.) Indirect discrimination can include: Practice and procedures are applied without consideration to individuals circumstances.e if you plan a school trip where you may be required to wear a hard hat this would discriminate against someone who wears. We now euthanasia and assisted suicide thesis live in such a diverse society with different religions, cultures and a lot of people with EAL that it is important that we value and promote cultural diversity especially when working with children. They then sign a document confirming this has been explained. Subject: Education, course: ptlls, level: Degree, year: 1st. Improvement to the physical environment such as ramps, lifts, room layout and lighting. Identify other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of learners. At Hillbourne they also do topics on stories that are set in other countries for example in Year 1 they look at a book called Handas Surprise which is set in Africa and a story set in Australia called Wombat Goes Walkabout the story set.

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equality and diversity ptlls essay

Through your work with children and young people it is important essays by stokely carmichael and charles hamilton that you challenge all cases of discrimination and take all of those cases seriously no matter how small and make sure you deal with them as quickly and professionally as possible. Generally my behaviour is appropriate and professional when I am working with the children in my care but sometimes I can get a bit annoyed when children come to ask me something, this is normally if I am busy with a job the teacher has. This is also important in the case of SEN children you cant decide to not support a child because they have SEN and you think they should be in a special school, its not just up to you. Sign in or, register then make a payment or submit 3 of your essays. It is important that you take positive actions to counter discrimination. In cases involving older children you may need to take further action as they should know how to behave and treat people further action may require recording and reporting it to a member of the Senior Leadership Team in your setting. This will lead to a very unsettled atmosphere in the setting and could impact on the other children as they will start to feel unhappy and then the adults in the classroom will have more problems to deal with meaning they could become stressed. Prejudice and discrimination can also happen when a child does not receive equality of opportunity.