I am special writing paper

i am special writing paper

other and one preference for the other. Who do you think should do it? How often do you take active holidays? I played for my class team and we won! Well, I must finish now because my mom wants me to help her. How can it be done best? Actually, lots of sport competitions are held in our school. Well, I must finish now because my lessons begin in half an hour. Oh, I have some more good news!

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I find my being to be completely different and likable, not to the extent of pride in my body but to the appreciation of the person that. In your letter answer her questions ask 3 questions about her sisters birthday party. Remember the rules of letter writing. What sport competitions are held in your school, if any? Where was it held? My name is special. This year I got the second prize for a film about my grandparents. My place of birth is also special and different from that of other people who may share a lot of my other features. You know, it is my friend named Alex who is the best company for me because he is reliable and supportive. How can you become a member of your school sport team? Jane, tell me more about your sisters birthday party.

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