Italicize name of organization or club in essay

italicize name of organization or club in essay

marks. Multiple class years or or parental designation: separate with commas: Bruce. Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn. No hyphen when referring to time frame I took Measuring the Internet in my first year. Academic AND administrative titles. Who sang God Save the Queen on the HMS Bounty? For something smaller and less ambitious,.g., a short story as opposed to a sprawling novel, put the title in"tion marks. Nonstatistical subscripts to statistical symbols, chemical terms, by the way, I found this information simply by googling for ". Often this becomes a matter of private judgment and context.

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Salk died in 1995. New York Times and do not italicize the name of the city in which the newspaper is published unless that name is part of the title: the. We met the first-year students yesterday. The preferred term, first-year student is hyphenated when used as a compound adjective. It is still a good idea to ask your instructor before using italics.