Essay save electricity to light more homeschool

essay save electricity to light more homeschool

the tires are properly inflated. Furthermore, you need to have a large area of photovoltaic cells to power something like a car although it can be done, as demonstrated by the entrants in the World Solar Challenge car rally (Box 2). Yes/No Now you ve filled in the energy savings plan, it s time to work out an action plan, looking over the table above, choose 5 things you can do to save energy and write them below: 5 things I can do to save energy. Saving energy in homes, schools, offices and other public buildings will help to save a lot of money that could be better used elsewhere.

Turn off the lights when not in use.
Never leave electrical appliances on a standby.
Electricity Saving At Office Use Ceiling fan as much as possible instead of air conditioners.

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When we burn wood or other fuels, we are advertising influence on society essay releasing the stored energy of the sun. There are many sources of energy. Give the participants a sheet of butchers paper and ask them to draw two different tables on the paper. Cooling Most indoor places in Nauru are air conditioned 24 hours a day. Electricity is them most important invention of all time. Introduction: We should save electricity to ensure that it is used properly in the service of humanity. .

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