Benefits of physical activity essay

benefits of physical activity essay

and mental health. Finally, physical training contributes to flexibility of human rubistar persuasive essay body. States that the drug treatment for the management of dementia hove limited effects and therefore, the primary support offered to persons with dementia and their families since the disease has a genetic origin, is usually services only that help mitigate against the loss of function. Instructor Carly Davenport, june 6, 2012, benefits of Physical Education in Elementary and Early Childhood Settings. There are various measures to counter widespread dementia in Australia (SmithAli Quach, 2014 p661).

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Muscles and body become flexible and a well-trained individual can perform easily diverse physical activities, whereas unprepared, untrained individual may suffer from serious injuries because of the lack of flexibility that develops in the course of training and physical activities. The aim of this assignment on literature review is to explore the benefits of exercise and physical activity in the reduction of dementia among the elderly persons in Australia. Mechanisms of Action of the Physical Activity and Dementia. In addition, an individual can benefit from improving strength and muscular endurance in the result of physical activities. The program is run by the national Parent Teacher Association, or PTA. Therefore, physical activity contributes to the cardiovascular fitness. Regular exercises reduce the vascular disorders hence lessen the risk of dementia hence preserving and maintaining the higher cognitive functions (Almeida, Khan, Hankey, Yeap, Golledge Flicker, 2014 p 223). Every grant season, the program distributes fifty 2,000 grants to schools across the country. The grant allocates money to schools in need of athletic programs to combat childhood obesity. What is meant here is the fact that an individual should prepare him- or herself to physical activities. The Fuel Up to Play 60 helps schools with physical and health education costs.