E dissertations

e dissertations

Weide (RUN) Promotie: 08 December Paul de Vrieze (RUN) Fundaments of Adaptive Personalisation Promotor: Prof. Siebes (UU) Promotie: Stratos Idreos (CWI) Database Cracking: Towards Auto-tuning Database Kernels Promotores: Prof. Bredeweg (UVA) Promotie: 19 December L eacuteon Planken (TUD) Algorithms for Simple Temporal Reasoning Promotor: Prof. Howells (Sheffield) Promotie: 20 December Wijnand Derks (UT) Improving Concurrency and Recovery in Database Systems by Exploiting Application Semantics Promotor: Prof. Van den Hooff (VU) Promotie: Joost van Oijen (UU) Cognitive Agents in Virtual Worlds: A Middleware Design Approach Promotor:prof. Van Dongen (TUE) Promotie: Kees van der Sluijs (TUE) Model Driven Design and Data Integration in Semantic Web Information Systems Promotor: Prof. Verbeek (TUE) Promotie: Zhaochun Ren (UVA) Monitoring Social Media: Summarization, Classification and Recommendation Promotor: Prof. Afsarmanesh (UVA) Copromotor:. Poel (UT) Promotie: Michiel Joosse (UT) Investigating Positioning and Gaze Behaviors of Social Robots: People's Preferences, Perceptions and Behaviors Promotor: Prof. Meyer (UU) Co-promotores:.

IT Dissertations Information Technology E-Commerce

e dissertations

Van Ossenbruggen (CWI) impact of the vietnam war on australian essay Promotie: 03 February Olga Kulyk (UT) Do You Know What I Know? Schlobach (VU) Promotie: 11 November Loes Braun (UM) Pro-Active Medical Information Retrieval Promotor: Prof. Proposals for papers, presentations, panel sessions and posters are invited for usetda 2018, the 8th annual conference of the US Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association. Proper (RUN) Copromotor:. Kersten (CWI) Copromotores: Prof. Van den Herik (UM/RUL) Prof. Feng, Tsinghua University (China). Van Engers (UVA) Copromotores: Prof. Kersten (CWI/UVA) co-promotor:. Van der Vet (UT) Promotie: Krzysztof Siewicz (UL) Towards an Improved Regulatory Framework of Free Software. De Bra (TUE) Promotie: Suleman Shahid (UVT) Fun and Face: Exploring non-verbal expressions of emotion during playful interactions Promotor: Prof. Van der Veer (VUA) Promotie: 11 december Frank Niessink (VU) Perspectives on Improving Software Maintenance Promotor: Prof.